Ciel de Puluong - Resort, Restaurant & Cafe

Situated in a prime location, the center of Don village in the Puluong Nature Reserve, Ciel de Puluong's distinctive architechure stands out and creatively combines European resort style with Thai & Muong culture.

We can accommodate up to 100 guests with a variety of room types from Deluxe, Suite, Family Suite and Mixed Dormitory Room. The resort also features Restaurant, Pub and a Bistro Cafe with a combined seating capacity of nearly  200 people and including luxurious furniture and a five-star bathroom. Ciel de Puluong is ready to provide you and your loved ones with an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

By choosing Ciel de Puluong, you will experience a unique culture, feast your eyes on lush-green terraced fields whilst being surrounded by the breathtaking scenery and nature of the Puluong forests. You will discover the Bat Cave at Kho Muong, visit Pho Doan market run by Thai people, row a boat downstream among endless rice paddies, play with sika deers and send romantic love letters by French doves. You can also relish the best local cuisine such as Co Lung duck, Kho Muong pork, Puluong chicken, ma River hemibagrus fish. The kitchen also provides European menu that very special.

Friendly and elegant, Ciel de Puluong creates sweet and wonderful memories.